How to switch off pitch bending from the Music Production Overlay?

When I use the grid to record drums, I’ve noticed that if my finger slips to a corner or moves in anyway on the actual pad, notes will bend either up or down depending on how my finger moves across the pad. Its a really cool feature sensel, and has its applications for sure! But its gotten to be very tedious when recording drums or bass lines… Please help!! Thanks all!

The third button from the left (with a bent arrow on it) controls pitch bend on/off.

By default, pitch bend is turned on and if you map over that button in the Sensel App you will be unable to turn it off.

Hope this helps!

sorry, what? is this info obsolete? i’m new to the morph and am busily sifting through the material but nowhere have i seen it indicated that by default the bent arrow was pitch bend on/off.

Default label descriptions are found on the store images when purchasing the Overlay ( and more information can be found on the guide

hmm. nowhere on the callout you linked to does it have the words “pitch bend.”

A bit late, I know, but I am new here.

In the documentation “pitch bend” is referred to as “vibrato” and the button is labeled as “vibrato on/off”.