MP overlay - pitch bend on wrong channel

Hi everyone,

I just received my Morph today and I’m really happy with it. But when I used good old MIDI Ox to check its functionality, I immediately noticed one issue. With the music production overlay, the drum pads are supposed to send on MIDI channel 2 and the piano pads on channel 3. This works fine for the piano pads, but the drum pads send note on/off and aftertouch correctly on 2, but pitch bend on 3.

You can confirm this in Ableton by recording a pitchy instrument on the piano pads and then playing another instrument on the drum pads. When you wiggle your fingers on the drum pads, you will hear the first instrument changing pitch. Now this could actually be used to great effect, if it were controllable.

Am I missing something or is this truly a bug? One can only turn pitch bend on or off with a checkbox in the Sensel app, not change the channel, no?


Hm, doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Anyway, I just submitted this via the Sensel App feedback function. Couldn’t find any other way to submit bug reports. Maybe that way it will reach TECHNICAL SUPPORT. hint hint

Hi Andreas - just checked this out and you’re correct. Quite odd! I’ll be conferring internally with Sensel colleagues to work on this.

In the mean time, please try using the Ableton-designed map for the Morph, which you can learn more about here:

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