Can I invert the direction of pitch bend or cc's, and pitch bend auto release?

Hi all,

New here, I couldn’t find anything about this in the forum.
When I make a horizontal cc slider and set it to pitch bend, or when I make a long MIDI XY pad, and try to set x direction to pitch bend, I get a bend down to the left and up to the right. Is there a way to invert this, so pitch bends up to the left and down to the right?

Sort of related question, that I did see in the forum ( Pitchbend needs option to autoreset on keyup ), right now I have a midi XYZ pad, with note, Y, and Z turned off, “Absolute X” unchecked, and “Recenter CC” unchecked. This way I can slide and then tap the button wherever I am to remove the pitch bend at the end of the note, which mostly works but there are a couple draw backs: I need to tap it an extra time, there’s no physical location that relates to a bend value, since it’s dependent on where I start, and it seems like it’s still sending a note (C -1 I think). Most of this could be solved if the “recenter CC” button worked when “Absolute X” was unchecked, and if it happened automatically when I lifted my finger. Just wondering if that’s still in the works, and or if there’s a better solution for a “pitch bend wheel.”

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining too much, I just got the morph last month and I love it and I’ve already made some useful controllers, I just have a very specific application in mind for it and I’m 99% of the way to my goal.

Thanks everyone!

Hi, regarding inverting pitch bend: Not that I know of. But many hosts offer more or less powerful midi transformations which can do that.
Same for reset pitch bend on note off.
E.g. in GigPerformer you could use a small script that does both (inverting pitch bend and resetting pitch on note off. For that you would have to remember the last pitch you saw from the Morph and subtract it from new incoming values, so they appear recentered as a result).

It is normal that you get a (fixed) note even in relative mode.Without a note on most synths won’t create a new voice, so you would hear nothing.

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