Polyphonic control not working

Hi there, I’m new to the morph and very keen to get it working as I’ve seen in demonstration videos. I’m using different computers but all Mac, and I’ve installed the Ableton script as that’s the DAW I use most often.

The issue I’m having is that I can make MPE assignments in, for example, the Wavetable synth, but the assignments do not work per-note. If I play a chord and then slide one note up or down, the pitch of the whole chord changes rather than per-note. Similarly with the Y axis, only the most recently pressed note has an effect, and it affects all notes rather than just the one on whose finger I’m sliding upwards.

I changed the Ableton morph map so that all controls are set to Poly Aftertouch on ‘Press’, which has allowed per-note polyphony for aftertouch, but can’t figure out what to do for X and Y axes. Could you help please?


P.S I’m having the same issue with plugins like Aalto: only the most recently pressed note can be used for MPE.

Hey! Which version of Live are you running?

Hi Matt

It’s 11.0.5.


Thanks! First, please make sure that you have the correct overlays from the Live 11 control script flashed to the Morph. There should not be an issue with Mapping MPE gestures to Wavetable, and once the supplied maps are flashed, it should need no further modification.

You can find the instructions to do so here: Software Setups - Sensel Morph Documentation

Hi Matt, yes I followed the instructions to install at the outset. Any ideas?


(I just reinstalled the scripts just in case but no change unfortunately).

I’m not sure why things aren’t working for you. Here’s the basics start to finish. Can you replicate?

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