[Solved]: Ableton 10/11 Support

I’m unable to get the Sensel Morph to work as a control surface with the latest version of Ableton 10 on Windows 10. I loaded the old Ableton overlays because they include the Play/Stop/Rec control buttons. I noticed the newest Ableton overlays removed all control button functionality from the Ableton overlays, so I’m curious if that was done because the Ableton 10 control scripts are not functioning at this time? Should they be working in Ableton 10.1.30?

Ableton 11, due out very soon, includes MPE compatibility. Can we expect the Sensel Morph to work with it, including control surface functionality? Will we need new control surface scripts for Ableton 11?

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Please use the v. 1.2 maps with the latest scripts. Those all test fine here on 10.1.25 (I’m guessing autoupdate is churning in the background right now!). Make sure you have the scripts in the right place.
The new Ableton maps maintain the same assignments for the top row, and the transport buttons work here. What is happening on your end? Does the Sensel Morph show up as a control script in Preferences? If not, then there was a problem with installation. You can manually install from the github repo:

Our guide also has some tips about possible install issues:

Ableton 11 will require a new script and Maps, and it’s something we are working on.

Ok, updated to 10.1.30, and the script is working fine here. Let me know exactly what you mean by “doesn’t work.”

Huh. Tried again today with the new overlays and the controls (Play, Stop, Rec) suddenly work. I didn’t make any other changes. Yesterday nothing would make them function.

The Sensel Morph was new as of yesterday. I think it upgraded firmware. Maybe it needed to be shutdown or the USB needed to be disconnected after the firmware update? Just a guess, as it appears the old turn everything off and on trick worked.

Looking forward to having MPE finally implemented in Ableton 11.

MPE is pretty nice. There’s definitely some oddities, but it does at least work! Here’s the lowdown incase you download the beta: http://mpe.design

Any news on the Ableton 11 script and map?

We now have a beta version of the Live 11 script in our github repo. You will have to manually install for Live 11. If you have Live 11 and Live 10 installed at the same time, there may be a conflict if you put the script files in the Library/Remote Scripts folder:

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I just got my Sensel Morph in the mail and was approved for the Live 11 beta earlier this week (now using beta 27). Do I just need to copy the four Python scripts to the Library/Remote Scripts folder or do the overlays need to be updated as well? Thanks.

You need to update the overlay maps too - the mos are in the git repo.

OK, thanks. I missed the github note :grimacing:

Is Sensel interested in receiving any feedback about these beta scripts? If so, where/how should we post?

Sure, we’re always open to feedback! You can post it here, or email us at support@sensel.com!

Any chance the maps can be adjusted to use something other than MMC to enable the transport controls?

there are two Ableton folders in the scripts, Ableton and Ableton 11 MPE. What is the difference and where do I install them?

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