Unable to select MIDI channel | Ableton Live 11

I was able to get the Remote Scripts working for Live 11 but can’t select individual MIDI channels to restrict overlays.


And here’s my MIDI configuration


MPE requires the use of all MIDI channels for each overlay, so there’s no way to parse the overlays by channel. In Bitwig, we are able to create “exclusive” tracks that only work with a given overlay because there is a Control Script UI that we can use. But Live doesn’t have this, so we are not yet sure of a good way to handle this. Hopefully we can make this work in a future update.

Thanks @peter_sensel! Certainly clears it up.

For future readers: Disabling the MPE checkbox in the MIDI configuration page allows you to set individual MIDI channels again.

Great! That said, if you are using the MPE Overlays mappings for the Live 11 Script, this won’t work. You’ll need to set the notes on the overlays to send on a single channel.

Where are the Ableton 11 controller scripts? If I needed to update this maybe you guys could have created a post to let us know…?

this says they are still working on it…

Live 11 Scripts are here GitHub - sensel/sensel-controller-scripts: Scripts for different DAW software to integrate the Morph into workflows.
Yup, actively working on rolling this in the documentation and a proper installer.

OK well thanks for letting us know. Now what is the difference between the “Ableton” folder and the “Ableton Live 11 MPE” folder? Do I install them both?

Ableton folder is for Ableton 10. Legacy naming!

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