Y axis not working polyphonically in some synths

Hi all

This is a recurring problem I’ve been having, and is quite possibly my fault but I can’t figure it out. I’m using the morph with Ableton, and in some plugins such as the built-in Wavetable everything is working fine, but in others such as Pigments, the Y axis is not behaving properly. I’m trying for very obvious mappings so things are clearly audible, and if for example I map the Y axis to filter cutoff, it only works for the first note pressed in a chord, and is not operating per-note.

I’m using the maxforlive ‘slide to modwheel’ function and can see that finger slides are registering on Pigments interface, just not per note.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks muchly.

P.S If I try without the maxforlive patch, even though I have pigments’ slide setting at CC 74, nothing at all happens.

I guess you have set Pigments to MPE mode. Does it work with Pigments standalone?

pigments is in MPE yes. Haven’t tried standalone but I’ll do that next, thanks!

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