Thunder: Absolute vs. non-absolute X (bug?)


I just sent an email to Sensel’s support, but thought of posting here as well just in case someone else can replicate the issue…

I’m not sure if the following problem is user error, or a software bug, or some malfunction in my hardware (doubt that it’s the latter for the problem goes away with different configurations). I’ve made a video that explains this more easily, you can find it here:

Basically, the problem is between the sixth slider [I] and hexagon [A] (same problem on the other side, between [K] and [B]). If I set slider “I” as a MIDI XYZ pad and a ‘non-absolute’ X control, the pressure will ‘bleed’ onto the hexagon’s Z control as well. This goes away as soon as I set [I] to absolute X.

I’m already with kind Sensel support on this :wink: I’m sharing the maps just in case anyone is curious to try and replicate!

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