Thunder: CC slider range and sensitivity

Just started evaluating my Sensel and thunder overlay, found the following issues:

  1. I’ve mapped C-G, L-P as CC sliders and find that only G & L are able to fully represent the min (0) to max (1) range. The rest don’t seem to ‘reach.’ The LED strip clearly shows this behavior by not lighting up the rightmost LEDs when touching the low end of the pad or the rightmost LED on the top end of the pad.

  2. pad sensitivity can be inconsistent, especially on the right § edge. If I touch the low edge and start sliding up, it usually doesn’t register until after some amount of travel. This is less pronounced as on the pad as one moves inwards, but still present to some extent. G & L are the only pads that behave as close to expected.

Do I need to lower my expectations of this overlay’s capabilities?