Help setting min/max value of cc slider/knob in Sensel app

I have been trying to use the Sensel Morph’s production overlay as a hardware (op-1, octatrack, tempest) controller and I am having a hard time figuring out how to set minimum and maximum CC values for the knobs and sliders. Often in my set up “0” on the knob actually needs to something like 12 or 47, and “127” needs to be 96. You feel me? I have had an easy time programing this into several other midi controllers, but have yet to figure out how to do it on the Morph. Please help.

Sorry to report, the capability to restrict the ranges of the knobs and sliders doesn’t exist.


There have been a lot of let downs with this product but that was truely unexpected.

Is there any way to know which of the many needed updates will be addressed on the next version of firmware? Or when that will be? I am in the middle of a production and I don’t have the money to replace your basiclly useless controller. This puts me at a disadvantage, waiting on the progress of your development department. It would be amazing if one or two of these issues could be addressed so I could stop running into brick walls and maybe create some music with this thing. I have owned it for a couple months now and have not found a single use for it in my system.

Min/max CC values is such a basic feature. I have programmed many such controllers and have never run into one without this capability. Why would did you build a programmable controller and app without that functionality? Especially when it is so difficult to remote program things like the XYZ pads in programs such as ableton. Turn 2 of 3 off in the app and program them one at a time in the software. Back and forth for every pad? I don’t think so! But this is the type of thing I run into as a work around. Was this not on your list as an absolutely essential functions? If not, let me inform you, this is an absolutely essential function!

That really is the last straw with this thing. This community deserves to know if or when these issues will be fixed, or people looking to purchase this product deserve to know just how underdeveloped and unsupported it is.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I completely agree. I find that basic features are lacking with Sensel Morph (unable to change min/max value for CC sliders is unacceptable for this product).

Similarly, product support from Sensel is lacking other than to confirm that features are not supported. Without any indication from Sensel about the roadmap for new features, it feels like we’re being ignored as users and stranded with an expensive hardware controller that lacks basic software features.

Please help us out!

Have they lied to you about this feature? No. Is the Sensel your average generic midi controller? No. Have you really done your research about it before buying it? Possibly no.

On the other hand, i think Sensel should really work on their marketing messages, as this surface is definitely not a interface for managing daws, etc. It is an input interface geared towards specific uses. Would be pointless to expect knob/fader behavior from a product that does not have these.

The slow progress of enhancements is frustrating, certainly, it’s sad that that’s the case. It would be interesting to know what other controllers people consider to be in the same class as the Morph. For me, there’s nothing even close. The upcoming ERAE Touch may be worth checking out, though it looks like it may require a fair bit of finger pressure compared to the Morph. It’s also interesting to hear someone say “Would be pointless to expect knob/fader behavior from a product that does not have these.” since for some people it’s exactly that ability to add behaviours to a blank slate that is uniquely attractive and valuable. YMMV.



Yes the morph is in a class of its own, I feel this is a good and bad thing. To compare would be apples and oranges, however I prefer apples sometimes and oranges other times.
To answer your question about comparable controllers I would say that I have gotten a lot more usability out of Novation’s Launch series as far as controlling cc’s and triggering clips. For drumming I like the midi fighter devices, I just tried the 64 recently and the buttons feel really good, and the 3D is just super fun. In both of these systems there are many more features and it is much easier to program the controller though the app.
There are some other interesting products out there out there like the Touche. But if it’s touch your after how about playtronica? I have the touch me. No app needed. Super simple, no frills and an amazing design. I’d love to see you control your audio/visual presentations with the Touch Me!
And we have to mention the linnstrument… :nerd_face:want.
Also simply using my DSI Tempest pads to send midi is really nice. I LOVE those pads and the velosity curves built in. Oh so playable with any sound.
Many companies have filled different niches with their controllers. I am glad for you Tim that this product has filled a roll for you. For me it has not and I would have been better served getting multiple controllers.
To answer the other fellow, it is not that I feel sensel lied. I feel they advertise this devise to fill rolls it cannot. Like the drum pad. It truely is not useful as a drum pad. The keyboard when used with an iPad leaves the keyboard onscreen, not usable; and the trackpad?!? Where did the art layout go? Hasn’t been so nice tiring to use it as a Wacom tablet for photoshop I can tell you that. And now no min/max cc value input in the app? Not lies, but failures to fill the niche that it is advertised to fill. Failure to have vision or follow through. Failure to understand what this devise actually is and guide development in a pointed direction to enable a useful product upon release.

Hi Peter, this really would be a great feature to have. Is there any chance of this getting into your roadmap?


Just checking in. Hoping for this feature to be added since last year…. Any hope in the future for this? The morph has been sitting there collecting dust because I cannot set min/max cc values. Please let me know if this is something that will be part of a future firmware update or not. My Launchpad XL just died and the morph is no replacement. But it could be with CC min /max values.
Please respond.

Unfortunately, this is going to be postponed until we are able to start building our next round of inventory, since we need to re-engineer around new parts.

Will the current models be updated or will we need new hardware to be able to set min/max cc values.

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