How to simulate a Mod Wheel

Hey everyone. Does anyone know how to map a mod wheel slider to an area on the morph?

A lot of native plugins make it very easy to control some of their params with the mod wheel without offering much room to customize that.


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Was going to ask the same question. I thought maybe sliding up a key would do it but I dont seem to be able to find how to. Love and answer to this.

I use a sensel morph keyboard overlay and convert one of the lower accidental (black) notes to a slider that transmits cc1. You can reprogram any note using the sensel app.

If you are using the Piano overlay, there’s a very subtle, small “sustain button” that can be turned into a horizontal modwheel by making it a horizontal slider and assigning CC1 to it.
You could also turn a top button into a “pressure” based modwheel. Just make it a note, turn the note off, and add CC1 to the Pressure.

Yesssssss. Thank you. Have been looking how to do this for ages

Love the sustain suggestion, that’s what I ended up doing.

Tried the button one as well but the value on that resets after removing your finger (since the pressure is reset). Found the sustain more useful there since there’s no need to hold my finger on it for it to maintain the value; just like a regular mod wheel.

Great suggestion, thanks.

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