CC 74 with Morph in Omnisphere 2.5

I have mapped cc 74 to Omnisphere’s 2.5 System mod wheel setting, but I seem to be getting inverse values on the Sensel keyboard, i.e. when I play the note normally (at the bottom of the key), the “mod wheel up” sound plays first, and when I slide up on the Sensel Keyboard, the “mod wheel down” sound plays. I am not sure how to reverse this either in the Morph or in Omnisphere…

Has anyone experienced this reversal, and if so, do you have a fix? It seems this may be an Omnisphere issue since I get the same behavior with the Roli Seaboard Block.


Hello, thanks for contacting us, yes, vertical sliders in the latest release are reversed. We will be adding a reverse checkbox to a future version of the SenselApp so you can switch the direction of the CC slider. In the meantime, you should be able to to get the correct values by using a MIDI XYZ pad and only setting Y CC value. Hope this helps!