Vertical Slide on Piano Overlay - How do I program it?

Having used the Morph for a while now and love it except for one thing, no expression pedal/mod wheel simulation that I can find. I noted the tutorial etc. on MPE and the demo shows the person sliding vertically on the piano key and it appears to act like a mod wheel being used. However, when I try that nothing happens, even when I have amended the Map for after pressure. I am unable to find anywhere how to set up my piano key map to perform this operation. Horizontal pitch works fine (like the pitch wheel) but not vertical slide.

Please advise as I am a little frustrated with this issue. I know it might be me doing something wrong, but guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Andy

Haven’t tried this myself, but this thread has instructions: How to simulate a Mod Wheel

Hope this helps.

The vertical sliding in the video is almost always using MPE. You’ll need to have the Morph flashed with an MPE Map (“Add Overlay” and select “MPE Piano” then “Send Map to Morph”), and use an MPE compatible host and synth. Live, Bitwig, Logic, and many other DAWs support MPE, and there are a growing number of synths.
If your synth isn’t MPE capable, then you can simulate the mod wheel, as linked previously.

What DAW and synths are you using?

Thanks for the response, I actually realised this when I went to use Ableton 11 after downloading the MPE overlay, but again thank you.

P.S. Love my Morph but could it be possible to split the Sustain lower section to be half sustain and half expression (mod-wheel) or swap it to either be sustain or mod-wheel slider. Just a thought.


Not really. You can reprogram it to be a modwheel (CC1). Maybe reprogram a top button to act as sustain?

I’m using a custom map that replaces each piano key with an x/y pad, with x set to Pitch bend, and Y to CC74

Works very nicely as a controller for a Haken Continuu Mini, and works well in Bitwig as well.