How to retrigger midi notes when sliding over the keyboard

I’m comparing the Sensel to the Joue. On the Joue, when I slide a finger up/down a keyboard or fretboard, new midi notes are triggered relative to the finger position. On the Sensel Morph I only get pitchbend for the original note pressed. Does the Morph have the same capability as Joue?

Related to this, I’d like to have a custom overlay that simply has the function of a ribbon controller, i.e. a continuous slide of pitch over several octaves. Can I do this on the Morph?


Depends how you’ve configured your overlay.

If you’re using the MPE template for the piano overlay, you’ll get pitchbend. The other version will trigger new notes.

Thanks for your reply!

I’ve tried both templates and neither retriggers notes when sliding a finger over the keys. The MIDI template of course is configured for MIDI Note Button on every key, but it still requires me to lift a finger and execute a separate attack in order to trigger the note.

Do you have any other suggestions?

I’m having the same problem…

This is totally solvable. You just need to uncheck “Slide Out of Areas” in the settings for the Morph, then send the settings to the Morph.

This is a global setting and affects all overlays. It would be great if it could be a per-overlay setting some day.

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Actually, even better would be a MIDI Morph modifier that would let you switch it live.

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Thnx #37! Totally appreciated