MPE with the music related overlays?

After checking out my Sensel Morph which arrived yesterday I have to say I’m fascinated of the expressiveness delivered through its technical features.
Using it in Bitwig with the Music Production Overlay is for me a huge step forward concerning controlling certain aspects of my DAW and instruments within it.
Thank you for this great device.
It’s so much fun using it as a MIDI controller…
but after a short period of time and after analysing the MIDI messages it puts out I’m wondering if it would be possible for you to program the software side behind the music related use to meet the MPE specifications… Optional per-note pitch slides or vibrato etc. would be so great.
Please think about it. The hardware side should allow it as far as I can see…

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Thank you for your feedback. We agree that MPE would be a great fit for the Sensel Morph. We have no announcements at this time, but please check back in the future about firmware and software updates for the Sensel Morph.

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