Alternative MPE Piano Maps

Here slightly modified MPE piano mappings.
These are particularly useful for users of several Morphs. So you can put the piano overlay on a particular Morph and get a particular out of the box octave range.
These are tuned from C0-C8 to correspond to the XYZ Continuum mapping from the posting below. So you can throw a piano overlay on the Morph if you want to play accompaniment and take it away for freestyle melodies.
Also tweaked things like threshold etc. (like it when it reacts to the slightest touch), got rid of all but the last “split C key” etc.

Piano MPE C0-B1.senselmap (3.7 KB)
Piano MPE C2-B3.senselmap (3.7 KB)
Piano MPE C4-B5.senselmap (3.8 KB)
Piano MPE C6-C8.senselmap (3.8 KB)

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