Modify Layout On Piano Overlay

Does anyone know if there is a way to modify the layout on the regular overlays? I want to add buttons to the piano overlay so that I can play multiple octaves by pressing at different X positions on a single key (like the Hyve Synth). I want to be able to use the physical piano overlay with this setting. In the Sensel App, it doesn’t let me view or adjust the layout or map on any of the pre-made Sensel overlays. Any advice?

Unfortunately, this really isn’t possible. The magnets will always trigger the Morph to load a piano overlay, and we don’t have the capability to add additional controls to the built-in controls. You could take the magnets out of an overlay, and set up the “No Overlay” overlay as you wish. I’ll DM you - I might have a junk piano overlay I can send.

Here’s an innovator’s overlay that pretty well matches the piano overlay. Because of fractional millimeters, there’s s few odd spacings. The overlay designer doesn’t allow the buttons to go all the way to the edge, so there’s a bit of a wider margin, too. But it’s pretty close!

Piano Custom.senselmap (6.8 KB)

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