Using an overlay map without having the overlay


I have purchased a Morph in the UK but was unable to purchase any of the overlays. However I’d like to experiment with how the functionality works with them just on the bare device. I can’t figure out how to select one of the overlay designs and have it work on the Morph without the overlay being present. I mean, surely that ought to work, I just won’t see the overlay design. All I can do is configure the ‘no overlay’ selection with the trackpad which is pretty limiting. Is there a way around this?


I tried hacking an exported copy of the ‘piano’ map to change the overlay name to “innovator’s” but when this is then loaded, while it does load in the innovators overlay map collection, the areas don’t show. Mindful that apparently a corrupt map file can brick the Morph (really, Sensel?) I did not try sending the map to the Morph.

It’s rather annoying if you can’t ‘borrow’ from existing overlays to make a new one, I have to say. Although the hardware is just excellent, I’m very impressed with the sensitivity and precision.


Hello, thank you for contacting us. I understand your use case and will definitely review with our team.

In the meantime, you can set the No Overlay mode to “Innovator’s” in the top left hand corner of the inspector. This allows you to load the custom interface designed under Innovator’s when no Overlay is on the device. I understand it is annoying to recreate the interface in the Overlay Designer and we are updating the file format to be more flexible and stable.

Thank you for your patience.


Thanks Alex. I did finally figure that out - it was a bit confusing getting started with no overlays. Unfortunately it’s hard to buy them in the UK and the only ebay vendor that had a Morph with an overlay never responded to my inquiry about what overlay it actually was. So I purchased one from another vendor with no overlays. But since to be honest what I really want is a banked two octave piano keyboard with little keys (like two KMI Qunexus devices stacked vertically) then TBH none of the existing overlays really are what I want. I’m gonna 3d print one and cast it from a negative mould in two-part silicone rubber moulding compound - that should work really well. Except I’ve put things on hold until the 48 area limitation is fixed as that’s a show-stopper. Sigh!..


Great to hear your use case and we definitely hear your need for more than 48 areas.


yes, please fix the 48 area limitation :frowning:

I think the Premiere overlay has more than that, so is this just an inventor overlay limitation?

I’m trying to make a complex 3d app layout and I need a minimum of 64 areas plus a keypad (about 17) and arrow keys (4) = 85 total

for now I can get by, but it feels quite anemic considering the expected capability of the device

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