No overlay different from Innovators Overlay

Hi Guys,
When buying the Sensel Morph I thought that I could load any map when no overlay is selected. But it seems that it needs to be one of the standard options or the same as on the innovators overlay. Would be nice if I could select a custom mapping when no overlay is present.

Yes, at the moment, the only custom Overlay is the Innovator’s Overlay. Since the Innovator’s Overlay can become any map, and you can set the No Overlay as the Innovator’s, then the No Overlay can load any map. However, we understand people may want additional custom maps. Thank you for the feedback!

So to be sure, it’s currently not possible to have map 1 on “No Overlay” and map 2 on “Innovator’s Overlay”? That would be really helpful, otherwise we constantly need to fire up the software and load alternative maps on the Sensel.

In the same area, it would also be really appreciated if Sensel would give out the basics to start working with magnets and loading additional maps. Even 1 or 2 magnet layouts to create additional overlays would be very helpful.

You have currently two options: Either you can configure “no overlay” to be detected as innovators overlay. Then you can customize the layout at will but it won’t distinguish no overlay and innovators overlay anymore.
Or you can use the standard “no overlay” layout (one big area that covers the entire morph) and come up with a mapping of your choice for that layout. Then you can additionally configure another map AND layout for the innovators overlay. That’s how I use it - see the “best of” thread for mapping proposals.
So: Two custom mappings are possible, two custom layouts currently afaik not. Would be nice though - very good proposal!


Thanks for the feedback and we will definitely keep the 2 Innovator’s Overlay idea in mind. As for magnet layout, we have more information about creating your own Innovator’s Overlay at We understand that some users may want to create their own magnet layouts, but the Morph is currently not set up to support this at this time.

I found the file which shows the magnets for the Innovators Overlay. Do you have a link available to the type of magnets we need to create our own creator overlays?

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