Switching between multiple Innovator/No Overlay Maps

I’ve got two different custom layouts that I use (hexagons for notes, some large XY areas for more gestural work). I’ve set them both up as No Overlay options. Is there any way to switch between them without resending the map to the Morph?

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Hey Dave. There is no way to do this now, but it is something we’re looking to address. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Great, thanks!

What would probably work for me (at least for now) would be to have commands in the ‘MIDI Morph Modifier’ section that loaded the next/previous Maps (or a specific one). Then, worst case, I could reserve an area on all my designs for setting specific maps.

Is there going to be a way to set my own magnet patterns eventually? Getting excited about 3d printing overlays :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, Dave. We have gotten a lot of requests regarding magnet patterns so it’s on our minds. I can’t say it’s something we’ll be able to implement in the near future though.

If I copied the magnet placement from the Inventors overlay, would I be able to set up that with one map, and a No Overlay with another map so I could switch between two? And if so, can you share the location/polarity?

If I did do that, is there any pattern of magnets I can use to hold an overlay in place and it’ll still show up as No Overlay?

With regards to the Identification versus Retainer magnets, look to this conversation thread for some observations & speculation. Sensel has not been exactly open about the specifics of their magnet system in the overlays…

What about the ability to have 3 self created maps with the already existing innovators overlay? I guess the magnet codes are different if I would flip the overlay on its back side?
That would allow to have one design for no overlay, one for normal set, and one for flipped…

At the moment the innovators overlay is completely useless, as it does the same as the no overlay…

I think @mo-seph 's idea of No Overlay & Innovator Overlay swapping might work. Though I have not tried this myself.

As for the idea of 3-self-created maps, Sensel hasn’t given us the ability to have custom magnet-coded overlays. It’s already “on their radar” so it’ll be a matter of waiting to see if it ever becomes a feature or not.
And as for flipping it over, I think the polarity of the retention magnets would prevent it from adhering correctly.

I tried the flipping and it adheres perfectly, that is why I thought it might give us a third map. Of course the Sensel firmware and editor has to be modified to make it work. Its a feature request… And at least two maps are obligatory to make the innovators overlay useful at all.
I paid for it quite a while ago and it has no value yet!

I just tried it too and when flipping horizontally it does appear to align perfectly. Interesting…

Yeah, I’m still waiting for a Bluetooth issue to be dealt with from back in April/May…

I don’t know if there’s been any movement on this? I’ve been making overlays that have the locating magnets on (the ones where there are magnets in the Morph at the same place) and it shows up as an innovators overlay, no problem.

However, I can’t re-use those maps for e.g. No Overlay in the Editor.

Is there any way yet to use two different custom overlays?

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