Multiple innovator overlays

I’ve seen others in this forum struggling with the same problem, so I have a suggestion…
Sensel seems to be encouraging development of custom overlays via the Innovator’s overlay. The problem is that we are tied to a single design, and need to load from the SenselApp to change it.
This is due to the fact that each overlay has a specific magnet ‘fingerprint’.
So a simple solution…
Sensel should make at least 2 or 3 different innovator overlays, each with a unique magnet arrangement.
That way ‘innovators’ will have access to the Morph’s main benefit… the ability to swap our custom overlays quickly.


I think a preset system like the one of the Buchla Thunder overlay would solve the problem more elegantly/practically.

Oh, absolutely!

The size of these maps has to be trivial. There’s no reason that a variety of them can’t be loaded at a time with a simple toggle to move between them.

I am in full support of this idea. I am using the Sensel to trigger keyboard shortcuts for Finale, Sibelius and Dorico and have three unique layouts on three different pads and switching between them gets cumbersome as one more step that is added to my workflow. It would be so elegant if the Sensel Morph switched the layout when I switched the physical overlay pad (as it does when I put the Piano Overlay onto the Morph).

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