Sensel App: Skewed Rectangles

I’ve settled on a killer design after dozens of iterations and tests, however having a very difficult time mapping it the way I want since the only shape is the rectangle and my design is extremely ‘outside the box’.

What I’ve tried and looked at so far:
Inspect the Buschla, looks like those are all simple rectangles behind the slanted physical shapes, I’m assuming it works because the bottom and top are touching the sides of each physical slanted shape.

Open .senselmap files: tried putting in various numbers where I could match up the numbers in the app, and make small changes to no avail – sensel app won’t open any .senselmap I’ve manually changed.

So a few questions:

  1. Any obvious way to create skews of the rectangle, or other shapes?
  2. Any hack/decode of sensel app to create skews or other shapes?
  3. Any way to create a PNG in Photoshop importable and select-able in the Sensel app?

An importable PNG where white lined shapes is the select-able layout areas would be ideal. I’ve not able to make it work I’ve tried just about everything including adding specific 13px wide white to the _height.png in hopes it would be somehow select-able as a background among other ideas to no avail.

So this rectangle only shape is the first significant drawback and showstopper to an otherwise excellent and unique custom controller. I can likely make it workable, but not without extra trial and error and feeling more “meh” than WOW.

A relatively minor adjustment to the sensel app designer to allow skewed rectangles would make all the difference to an already unparalleled controller.

To do this, all you’d need is one more X field: “X Position Top” and X Position Bottom". and functionality for designs skyrockets.

Based on update frequency I’m guessing it won’t happen (not knocking you guys, but I see a lot of solid requests going back a very long time without resolution). If/Until then… any workarounds?

I’m close, yet the lack of skewed rectangles (or rotated shapes etc) is simply too limiting to compliment my new midi controller design. And believe me its absolutely a perfect fit for the Morph and musicians who cut their teeth on synths with mod controls. Even gimped as it is using creatively placed rectangles, the design is beyond anything else I’ve tried, and I’ve tried plenty over the years.

If the sensel app allowed angle of the layout rectangles (or more), it would reach its full potential – easily marketable as an overlay it blows everything else out of the water in the category of midi CC controllers (not just with the morph, but in general), and it’s nothing like anyone has ever seen. I’m dying to share, but we’ll all have to wait and hope for an update so I can finish it.

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