Overlay Creator Beta

Hi there, any estimate on the Overlay Creator Beta?
I’m looking to create my own layouts or use existing ones without existing overlays.
I emailed beta@sensel.com but still awaiting a response. Please help.

Thank you in advance.


Thank you for contacting us. We have added your name to the list of beta testers. Currently we do not have any announcements about the Overlay Creator Beta but we will make sure to keep users updated. Thank you for your patience.

If you are a programmer, you can also look into our Sensel API github.com/sensel/sensel-api, which gives you access to the contact and force data from the Morph which you can use to create custom experiences.

Thank you for such prompt reply. I did had a look at the API but I’m not a programmer.
I’m looking to use Morph mainly as a midi remote controller.


I am very interested in the Overlay Creator. I am a programmer and I’ve glanced through the API and that seems doable but requiring more time than I have at the moment. I’m just interested in taking the standard piano keyboard that you have and creating an overlay that uses a completely different keyboard layout.

If I went the API route, I would need to rebuild all the existing pressure-to-MIDI conversions that you are obviously already doing, so the Overlay Creator sounds like a much better fit.

Please add me to the Beta list as well.


Thank you for contacting us. We will add you to the Beta list too.

Hi there Alex, I program a little and would be very interested in the Beta Overlay as well. Mostly looking at MIDI and Arduino/SevenHugs integration, much appreciated.

Hi there,

I’ve just ordered my Morph,
I’ll see what I can do with the new Sensel Package for Max but your Overlay Creator is much awaited !
You can add me to the Beta list too.


Thank you for contacting us EndZz and Logan. Both of you have been added to the Beta List for the Overlay Creator.

I have been using my morph for a couple weeks now and I really like it. Coupld you please add me to the beta list for the Overlay Creator so I can expand my morph use?


Great to hear you are enjoying the Morph. I will add you to the beta list. Expect a communication early next year about the Overlay Creator Beta program. Thank you for your patience.

Hi @alex, another willing beta tester here.

being an owner of the innovator’s kit overlay i’d love to be on the overlay creator beta list…




can you add me to the Beta program too?

Thank you

Great to hear about more interest! You have all been added to the Beta List.

For anyone else that wants to be part of the Overlay Creator Beta Program, please contact support@sensel.com with the title Overlay Creator Beta Program and we will follow up with everyone early next year.

@alex, any update on the beta?

BTW @ Alex, please count me in for the Overlay Beta group.

Hi, no updates yet, but everyone in the overlay creator beta will receive an e-mail in the next two weeks.

Dear Alex,
Would you please kindly include me in the beta test group also?


Please add me to the Overlay Creator beta group - thanks

Hello all,

Everyone in the Overlay Creator Beta Program should have received an e-mail on Monday (Feb 26) as an introduction.

If you did not receive the e-mail or want to be added to the Beta, please e-mail support@sensel.com with the title Overlay Creator Beta Program. We will send out an e-mail to this group in a few weeks.

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