Anyone has a spare Innovator's overlay for sale?

Dear creative people,
I am too late on realizing the sunset of the Morph production. I am looking for an Innovator’s overlay for my next project. If anyone of you happen to have a spare one for sale I would be very thankful to buy it from you.

I am also looking into rolling my own based on this page:

Just poking around for different solutions now :slight_smile:

Hi, I can sell you mine.
I’ve used it maybe once or twice since the day I got it. Mainly because lack of time to really tinker.
I’m from Poland (EU), so we can talk through our options regarding delivery and etc.

I can even sell you my morph along with piano overlay.
I was hyped about the whole idea when I’ve found out about it and I wanted to use it mainly for 2D/3D graphics, piano overlay was for times when I feel like music-making.

Hi @David! Thanks for your reply! It’s perfect as I live in Germany (so relatively close :slight_smile: ) The innovator’s overlay can really help me with my upcoming project.

I already have a morph but I know someone that might be interested in your remaining gears. I’ll inform him about this. How much would you like to have for the Innovator’s overlay?
Thank you!