Overlay Creator Beta


Sounds, good. I’d like to enter the overlay creator beta. Mainly for MIDI instrument development. With the API it requires quite some effort to create something that sends out MPE midi, and even more important it can’t work standalone sending MIDI. I’d like to combine the Morph with an Axoloti, which should be a very powerful combination.



One more for the beta, please.


Looking forward to the Beta and signed up for it via email!
One question: Will the Overlay Creator actually output a 3D-file that I can send to my 3D-printing service of choice so that I can order my overlay in Silicone or Ninjaflex?


Yes. More info to come.


Hi there, my morph is a week old and it’s already grown into a necessary extension of my arms. I would really like to be in on the Overlay Creator Beta testing. Btw, thank you for inventing such a sensitive, intuitive and modular device. It’s so cutting edge, and so easy to use.


Great to hear! You have been added to the Overlay Creator Beta. We will be sending out an introduction e-mail to everyone that didn’t get the first e-mail in the next week.


I’d like to be part of the Overlay Creator Beta Program. Thanks


Aloha, another new Morph user here. I too would be interested in trying out the overlay creator. I’m liking the Morph so far but I’m excited to customize it more for my workflow.


Great to hear! You have been added to the Beta.