Hex Keyboard (Harmonic Table)

Hi everyone,

I do not own a Sensel Morph. I’ve only discovered it yesterday night, and am unable to finance it anyway. However I thought I can still be of contribution, so I took some time today to fully flesh out a layout that @Mark_from_Sensel previously introduced. This is based on @ybr’s template though (i assumed his touch parameters translated better for virtuosic playing, since he based it on the feel of the Linnstrument).

It should now be a full Hive Touch synth with an extra column to spare.
I’ve also made a coloured version based on Newton’s Colour Theory.

However i have no way to test this out. Would anyone be interested to give it a whirl?

Hex Harmonic Table (Hive):
Hex Harmonic Table 18mm (Hive).senselmap (9.3 KB)

Hex Harmonic Tale (Color):
Hex Harmonic Table 18mm (Colour).senselmap (9.4 KB)


Looks like a fun layout.

This is great. Thanks a ton for sharing, Andy.

Looks like a nice lay-out!

I’ve been playing with what I think is the same layout here: 3d printed hexagons

Only made a few pads, but so far it feels really good and musical!