Hex or Grid Overlay


I think it would be great to have a basic hexagonal or rectangular grid overlay, where you could set each individual cell to any output you want. I would use this to play isomorphic keyboard layouts. It would enable you to get a lot more notes on the Morph’s surface and really open up a lot of great musical exploration.


It seems like this could be done by only re-defining the key areas from the piano overlay mode. Would it be possible for me to edit/modify the piano overlay code to accomplish this, or is that code not accessible?


Hello, thank you for posting your idea. At this point, it is not possible to modify the key areas of overlays or create custom Overlays. If you are a coder, I would recommend looking at our Sensel API, which allows you to get the contact and force data from the Sensel Morph (https://github.com/sensel/sensel-api). We are also looking into the best ways to enable customization of the Sensel Morph going forward.


Sounds good, thanks for the info!