12x6 Linnstrument/MPE Grid


With the recent update allowing up to 96 touch area’s I decided to make a grid layout similar to the Linnstrument by Roger Linn Design. I really like what Roger is doing and would like to support him but unfortunately do not have the means to justify spending $1000 or $1500 on a Linnstrument.

This setup allows quantizing your initial touch to the nearest semitone while it also allows sliding between notes. I set up the pitchbends for 48 semitones, which is the default in Roli Equator and Garageband on iOS. You could change that by changing the pitchbend to 460mm for 24 semitones or 230 for 12 semitones. I added buttons for up and down and a button for disabling pitchbends.

I’m still experimenting with optimal settings, does it work best to have gaps between touch area’s or not? And what has been your optimal pressure thresshold for expressive playing?

I’m planning on laser engraving a piece of silicon sheet to make a continious surface with small ridges in between notes.

6x12_bends.senselmap (8.0 KB)


This looks amazing! I’d be interested in hearing how engraving the silicon sheet works for you.

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Hope to get that done in the upcoming weeks. I’ll keep you posted!


Hey, thank you so much! I actually decided to buy the Sensel with the plan of making something like this myself. Now I don’t have to :smiley:
I’m trying this out as soon as possible.

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