Hybryd layout - 16x6 grid - sterilizable multilayer material

Hello everyone! … yesterday I was lucky enough to come across a shop that sells medical insoles where I’ve found out some ideal stuff to use with our beloved device.
In particular, I was intrigued by a mechanical feature of some blister patches (originally designed to relieve foot blister pain). They firmly adhere on several kind of surfaces, paper included :slightly_smiling_face:. You also will be surprised to find that they are great for shocking or crawling, squeezing, tickling… easily removable, reusable and sterilizable… so that you can take advantage of the full morph area with or without the use of the Innovator’s overlay.
Given the technology underlying the stickiness (nanoparticles) you can even add more levels of sliders, even within the standard overlays provided by Sensel … they do not tear off any piece of material and do not need glue sticks at all. As a plus, their transparency is functional enough to clearly read the labels you want to prototype.
I then enjoyed looking for alternative shapes, buying objects of the same material that were available at a common bazaar nearby … (Cake Decorating Moulds, Pad Insulation Boards, Memory Foam Insoles, some other quite unusual stuff , professional casting resin and custom soft shapes kits ).
With great excitement, I noticed that some of the non-slip mats designed to hold a navigator or mobile phone on the dashboard are sticky on both sides: this fact helped me to conceive the possibility of emulating the official Sensel overlays without the need to involve magnets neither tape.

I hope this method will lead to new techniques of replacing entire layouts on the fly once on stage.

This layout has been made to allow maximum versatility as it comprehends all 96 touch area (they are rapidly editable by selecting all buttons inside the editor and easily change their shared values). My goal was: create for an hybrid & experimental approach to both percussive/bending/sliding elements of play.

It is a 16x6 nested grid, ready to play a set of 6 octaves: there are 24 semitones per row.
4 of the right-most semitones are equivalent to the 4 left-most semitones on the adiacent upper row.
Once printed, it would help to later position various objects of your preference (I did accommodate 64 finger-patches) such as those that can be viewed in the below pics.

Recipes :cupcake::

  • with paper custom overlay of your sensel.map
    _ place on morph your first layer: a both-sides-active-gel pad (230mm length, 130 mm width)
    _ place your printed sensel.map on top of the first layer
    _ (optional) add any layer of a single-side shape of your preference

  • without paper custom overlay
    _ place any layer of a single-side-active-gel shape of your preference on top of the bare surface of the sensor area
    _ (optional) add any layer of a single-side shape of your preference

  • with Innovator’s overlay
    _ place your printed sensel.map below the overlay
    _ place any layer of a single-side-active-gel shape of your preference above it

  • with official overlays
    _ just place any layer of a single-side-active-gel shape of your preference above it


Thank you Sensel & thank you community for steadily give nice hints. I find this forum to be as true power for everybody’s imagination, you are great!


Hello all, this is my second post here and about my first Morph! Very excited to be apart of the Sensel community!

I am happy to share the notions I have come to know so far… I’ve found excellent characteristics in medical materials… they can be placed and removed quite quicly on many surface, including themselves. The other sticky material is called “pu gel” , available in 2 kinds of sheets:

1.Single-sided removable pu sheets (one side is pu , the other side is 3m gummed).
2.Double sided removable pu sheets (pure pu gel) .

There are 4 levels of the stickiness : supper sticky, high sticky , common sticky and low sticky. Its thickness can be 0.2mm-3mm.
It is possible to ask a company to cut in the shapes you need or buy it in roll.

Attached are:
3 sensel.map files & their compatible layouts.

96 MIDI Note Buttons.senselmap (9.7 KB)
96 MPE XYZ Pads.senselmap (9.9 KB)
96 MIDI CC Buttons.senselmap (9.2 KB)


My collection of sticky items. :joystick:

Finger patches were manually placed, paper layout was printed on a A3 size then wrapped around the Morph.


This is super interesting! I definitely never thought to use this material. We’ll have to look into it.

Would love to see a video of the Overlays in action if you ever have the time.


Fantastic thanks for these great game-changing ideas!. I’m looking at options for accordion stradella bass layouts and also concertina button layouts. What’s that multi dot white one? Is it furniture bumper pads - I can see lots of options available on-line - or something else?


the map of “96 MIDI Note Buttons.senselmap” contains one error (every button of the seventh column share the same coordinates). Here is the fixed version.

96 MIDI Note Buttons (fixed).senselmap (9.7 KB)

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I’m gearing up for some action :handshake:
…unfortunately my current setup is not ready for recording and live streaming…
It won’t take long anyway since I really wish to learn how to live shoot a performance, at the earliest. Definitely I’ll use open source software …OBS seems to be the right choice.
In the meantime, more prototypes are born… I hope they will keep your interest alive.

Thank you,




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It’s a Semi Sphere Gummy Candy Mold. Other examples are: molds 2, molds 3

Silicone Iron Hot Protection Rest Pad. Alternatives (no spikes): pad2.

Furniture Glides seem to fit your search. Pay attention to the intensity of their adhesiveness as they could be too sticky to ruin the device (use 1 custom overlay and, only afterwards, the glides).

Perhaps you may look for a Multipurpose Non-Slip Mat such as this:

I had to apply one to protect the surface.

Also, these really nice Velcro pads and other rubber pads are good for prototyping purposes. … The velcro pads passed my tests whereas the gray rubber pads turned out to be risky because it is VERY sticky :rotating_light:

I hope to have contributed to your passionate research.

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Spaghetti overlay! Molto bene!

fantastic - thanks for all your excellent research!

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