Can I create layouts+mappings without the innovator overlay?

The Sensel app appears to allow me to select to the “Custom Design” option from the left hand menu. I can then create Layouts with Mappings. However I can’t get that to work or be recognized by software. I also don’t own an Innovator Overlay and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to.

I created three regions that send different notes. My MIDI monitor does not recognize the notes. It only recognizes one incorrect note for everything, “C3”.


  • Is my technical issue due to the fact I don’t own the physical innovator overlay?
  • Is my problem due to something else and how do I resolve it?

Select “add overlay” on the left. Then select “no overlay”. Then, click on the overlay area. Then in the lower right dropdown menu, where it says “touchpad area”, select “innovator’s”. Then, on the left, go back to your custom innovator’s overlay. Then click “send map to morph” on the upper right.

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@JO512 nailed it! Please let us know if you’re still having issues, Estevan.

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