Frustrated custom layouts aren’t loading

My principal reason for getting a Morph was to create a hex layout duplicating the buttons on a chromatic button accordion. Figured it would be easy.

I’ve downloaded a few different layouts and put some time into creating my own, but when I go to sent the layout to the morph, nothing changes - it remains in the same state as before.

The led lights flash showing it’s received the data.

I’m not using a developers overlay but I was under the impression I could do this without one.

It’s frustrating because by all I’ve read it should be working. What gives?

It is definitely possible without developers overlay. Are you sending your map over “Innovator Overlay” or “No Overlay”? This seems related to: Can I create layouts+mappings without the innovator overlay? - #2 by JO512

I’m trying every possible configuration of sending the layouts.

The Sensel’s LEDs flash so I know it’s getting something.

I don’t get it.

I have the same problem with custom layouts I’ve downloaded - they “send” but the Sensel surface remains the same.

When I swap standard overlays it switches right away, no problem.

I deleted all the blank “no overlay” templates then created a new one for innovators Overlay Map and Layout and when that didn’t work I disabled the SenselDriver in my system preferences and FINALLY got it to work!

Did you tell the No Overlay it should use the Innovators map? That works for me…