Can I create layouts+mappings without the innovator overlay?

The Sensel app appears to allow me to select to the “Custom Design” option from the left hand menu. I can then create Layouts with Mappings. However I can’t get that to work or be recognized by software. I also don’t own an Innovator Overlay and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to.

I created three regions that send different notes. My MIDI monitor does not recognize the notes. It only recognizes one incorrect note for everything, “C3”.


  • Is my technical issue due to the fact I don’t own the physical innovator overlay?
  • Is my problem due to something else and how do I resolve it?

Select “add overlay” on the left. Then select “no overlay”. Then, click on the overlay area. Then in the lower right dropdown menu, where it says “touchpad area”, select “innovator’s”. Then, on the left, go back to your custom innovator’s overlay. Then click “send map to morph” on the upper right.

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@JO512 nailed it! Please let us know if you’re still having issues, Estevan.

Hi there, I’m trying to achieve the same thing: design a custom map for use without a (physical) overlay. There is one step or info I must be missing, since the maps under “No Overlay” don’t seem to be editable beyond one full-size area, the meaning of the yellow text of which “Load Innovator’s Overlay Map and Layout” is also not clear to me.
How do I add more areas?

Thanks for any hints!

In “No Overlay,” Select “Innovator’s” - this loads the currently flashed innovator’s overlay map when there is no overlay on the Morph.

Still no way to be able to design a specific layout for No overlay?
Could you explain why it is not possible?

There’s a very thorough explanation in the manual, but basically you select “no overlay” to be able to play your custom “innovator’s overlay” maps. By doing this, you don’t need to use the physical innovator’s overlay. You can design whatever custom overlay you want.

Of course, but it is the same layout than the Innovator …
The old request is to have a different/specific layout for the No overlay so we can have TWO custom layouts.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your question. You can make as many custom layouts as you want. I have 15 or so. You just need to create a new custom layout. If you want to switch from one to another you need to use the Sensel app and send the other layout to the morph.

I suppose that I was a little short: two custom layouts … without having to send them with the app :wink:
What makes the Morph interesting in a live use is to be able to switch layouts with overlays. The Innnovator and the No overlay can be considered as two instruments but share the same layout, which is at least a shame …
I don’t remember during the years having read a reason for not being able to store a different layout for the No overlay, thus my reminder.

Oh… I don’t think you can do that. The different overlays use magnets to change the map. I’m no expert though. Anyone else know if this is possible?

@peter_sensel, thanks for the clarification. It does work, indeed, but what threw me off is that there is no graphical feedback in the sensel app. As you can see below, the white square is besides what I named “No Overlay Map”, but the actually active map “CataRT live MPE” is not marked.


I remember that the doc could be clearer here. I felt at some points the distinction between a (physical) overlay and its (logical) map of areas was not consistently made.

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Is there a way to use a custom map on a regular overlay? For example, I want to use the Music Production overlay but split each pad into 4 notes. But it looks like if I have the MP overlay on the Morph then it ignores me when I send the No Overlay to it.

The only way to do it is to take out the 4 small magnets that identify the overlay. Then you can use it as “no overlay.” If you do this I don’t think you’ll be able to use the standard overlay map anymore though. I got an extra piano overlay and did this and it worked perfectly.

Hmm, OK. I think I would rather just make my own overlay then.