My morph doesn't work without overlay anymore

Hello! I hadn’t tried to use my morph without an overlay for some time. It used to work. Now I can’t seem to get it to work. I think I am following the instructions correctly. I add an overlay of “no overlay” type and set that to “innovator’s”. I send that to the morph. Then I try to load one of the innovators overlays that I used to use. Nothing happens in my DAW (Reaper) when I tap on it. I’ve also tried loading the innovator’s overlay I want to use and then going to the “no overlays” section and selecting one set to “innovator’s” and sending that to the morph. Nothing seems to work. My morph works in the visualizer. It works with the music production overlay. But I don’t have an innovator’s overlay.

Did something change with a firmware update? I seem to have the latest firmware.

Could you verify with a MIDI monitor that there is really no midi data received?
Perhaps you use a synth that expects events at channel 1 and the Morph is set to MPE mode, so events are sent on channels 2-15. But it’s just guessing, on first sight what you do should work according to memories and this description.

Did you ever get this to work. I am having the same issue. I am running midi view and see no midi data without and overlay and when I put an overlay on, I see midi data.

Tried on an intel based Mac and same results.

Figured it out. I needed to select trackpad overlay and then there’s a drop down to make it an innovator layout.