Overlay Designs: Continuano and Continuum

Here two mappings meant to play MPE capable synths.

XYZ Pad (Continuum Style)
Surprised I haven’t seen this here yet. My default for “no overlay” is just a continuous xyz pad - like a Continuum. Imho one of the most simple but also rewarding Morph layouts to play with.
Could also be used with a stripe pattern background image (similar to Continuum) to highlight the semitones. But for me it is even more interesting not to have this, so it’s really like a boundless string instrument that doesn’t force your mind into scales.

Another layout (that is currently unfortunately bugged - usable for experimentation (*) but also an incentive for the devs to debug :wink: ). In the upper part this layout also just has a flat, continuous xyz pad, but in the lower part you have piano keys.
The idea is that you can play accompaniments with the piano part and for melody parts always have the option (but not obligation) to start or end a note with a defined pitch by dragging the finger on the piano part. And being able to go wild in the boundless area without pitch rounding while the note is playing.

(*) As said it is currently bugged: In the SenselApp when starting a note on the continuous area it always also triggers the corresponding key in the keyboard area (so you hear two notes). Apparently the same note cannot be assigned to two areas independently atm. Doesn’t seem to be a problem with external synths though all the time (sometimes I get two notes, sometimes not).
Also currently you can only set pitch rounding globally (I set it to either “none” or “smooth” atm. The first for really quantization free playing and the latter if rounding to target notes is more important)
Would also be nice to be able to use this with the Sensel piano overlay to add some haptic feedback. (It is not optimal for this layout as the continuous part is not flat - but should still be usable). Haven’t found a way yet to edit the layout for predefined overlays nor to disable overlay detection yet.
Currently I have assigned this layout to the innovator’s overlay and use a printed paper underneath.

P.S.: My global settings:
MIDI channel start/end: 2-4 for first Morph, 5-8 for second Morph, 9-12 for third Morph, 13-16 for forth Morph
MPE Pitch Bend Round: either none or smooth work best for me
MIDI Pitch Bend Range: have this at “no pitch bend” - only using MPE layouts
Pressure/Velocity: on
X/Y/Z Pitch Bend: on
Slide out of Areas: on (this is important for the Continuano layouts)

Continuum C0-C2.senselmap (123 Bytes)
Continuum C2-C4.senselmap (125 Bytes)
Continuum C4-C6.senselmap (123 Bytes)
Continuum C6-C8.senselmap (124 Bytes)

Edit: replace C1-C8 series with C0-C7 series, so it matches the Continuum and Piano overlays (see other thread for the matching piano mapping)
Continuano C0-B1.senselmap (4.6 KB)
Continuano C2-B3.senselmap (4.6 KB)
Continuano C4-B5.senselmap (4.6 KB)
Continuano C6-B7.senselmap (4.7 KB)