Custom Polychromatic Morph Overly for Haken ContinuuMini

Noticed someone else was using the Morph for creating polychromatic grids. Just got a Sensel Morph and am creating a set of custom Innovator overlays for Haken ContinuuMini and Continuum I hopefully plan on having included in the Continuum release at some point. One of the great things about the morph is that it lets you customize playing surfaces for particular Continuum presets, which on the Continuum might mean you need to learn a new playing technique per preset at times they are so tightly interwoven with the Continuum’s playing surface. One of the “factory” presets for Continuum I wrote is a Polychromatic preset where X direction is pitch (with full portamento pitch bend - on Continuum to 0.1 cent resolution) and Y is motion through the semitone bottom to top for that note. On Continuum this is all totally continuous in XY and Z (for volume) direction (as it can be with Morph playing back MPE to the Continuum - which is inherently MPE based with extended 14 bit resolution). I was easily able to create a custom polychromatic grid for this with the Innovators overlay set to an MPE playing grid over top of which I created a custom overlay in Powerpoint that dissects Y into equally spaced “colored segments”. Works quite well - tailored for the “Polychromatic” Continuum Preset. And playing wise, its quite close to the Continuum experience as Continuum is also a totally flat playing surface.
Polychromatic Morph Grid for Haken ContinuuMini

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Not an owner of continuum (yet?) but I was eyeing the Osmose for quite a while now. I think 2 octaves vertically is a lot for such a small surface though - even if morph’s resolution is fine enough for it, my fingers are just too fat and clumsy. Still, looking forward to testing it once I get my hands on a synth better fitted for MPE playing.

Also, as I understand it it’s just an overlay, yes? So it doesn’t involve any custom scripting? I made my own topic on this, but I’d love a “fretless” mode where the pitch isn’t initially rounded, but absolute. The way it rounds the pitches now makes playing bends actually a bit less natural, as hitting the key right on its edge shifts basically shifts the position of the whole keyboard a little, which when paired with uneven spacing of the keys makes it hard to visually understand how the finger movement relates to the bends.

No scripting. Just MPE setup in the Morph editor which automatically maps to the Continuum preset because Y position will trigger a microtonal position in the semitone you are on (so it uses one semitone in the Y direction for this preset that you have about 5 inches of vertical room to play with there - quite enough to hear microtonal changes per note in horizontal position). Osmose will use the same EaganMatrix sound engine as Continuum, but I’m not sure about how it treats non-X dynamic pitch change (I think more based on Z position than Y). I’ll have to wait for my Osmose to find out. The ContinuuMini/Continuum maps pitches like the following link map with full XYZ control (which also works well with Morph MPE mode). The base ContinuuMini Innovators overlay I made is this which is a bit hard to play in terms of note width (but I had to make it like this to scale pitch bend correctly to Morph options).
Morph Haken ContinuuMini Overlay

I’m guessing Osmose will interpret the information the same way… by the way, does eagan matrix “just work” with morph if you use 14bit mode? I’m not sure if that’s the same as mpe+
Anyways, we’ll both have to wait and see I guess. Really hoping sensel will add more precise pitch scaling options so I can for example create 13 semitone wide fretless surface

Yea Morph works fine with EaganMatrix/Continuum 14 bit mode. Continuum uses CC87 as the extra bits for increased Z and Y resolution. Morph does not appear to be using a CCs for 14 bits so I’m not sure how its treating it.

Thanks for the information. Can’t wait to test morph with Osmose once I have both :slight_smile: Hoping for app updates in the meanwhile

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