Thunder overlay transpose bug for "midi XYZ pad" with Note Off

Hi there,

using the 2 hexagon pad A and B, with this configuration :

  • midi XYZ pad
  • note : OFF -> this is a key, no note should be sent ever.
  • X, Y, Z, sending various midi cc
  • both absolute checked, led checked, everything else unchecked.

At power up, all is good, and I can use the pad in a wonderfull way.

When hitting transpose… (both up and down), it is transposing note OFF into a note and plays it :slight_smile:
it looks a small bug, but it’s a pure pain in some context with midi-> cv converters, where you want to drive 0-10 vco, and have to transpose twice to get them doing something, the pads aren’t useable any longer.

Any chance this could be fixed ? (indeed, using the lastest firmware available).


just saw this was already reported , but noone ever answered:


Thanks for the reminder on that one. I’ve been wondering why I shelved the morph, it’s all coming back to me now…
The hardware promises so much but the software is just a small step away from where it should be.

@kouik Thank you for describing this issue so succinctly. We’re working on a firmware update to fix some bugs now, and will do our best to incorporate this. Appreciate your patience.