Buchla layout A and B pads?

New morph+buchla owner here, great product but i have a question (and possibly a bug report).

The hexagonal XYZ pads labelled A and B that are default mapped to CC 20-22 and CC 23-25. Are the X and Y axes just straight up “vertical” and “horizontal” or is there some clever design on them. The Z axis is clearly pressure so i figured that out myself. The possible bug, would be that i cant seem to get the X and Y to go full cc values 0-127, only halfway. Should i reinstall the Sensel app and resend the buchla layout to the morph, or is there a much more obvious solution that i am overlooking?

Solved it myself by setting the pad X and Y axes to send absolute cc values. works a lot better for me that way.

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Glad you were able to solve this and excited to hear what you do with your Morph + Buchla Thunder!