Photoshop with Innovator's Overlay

Hey all,

Just got my Morph. Can I draw on Photoshop with the Innovator’s Overlay? Do I need to create a new map to use the Morph as a stylus with the Innovator’s Overlay? Not sure where to start.


I think it depends on what you want to do. If using the Morph as a trackpad is acceptable, then you can use a (safe) stylus on even the bare morph, if it’s configured in the right way. However if you’re looking for the advertised “brush” interface, I’m not sure how supported that is. I don’t believe the Art Overlay is available anymore, either from lack of interest or due to lack of performance.

If trackpad-esque is okay, then you can just go and configure the “No Overlay” to be a “Trackpad Area”. Is that all you’re looking for? or the more graphics-tablet type interface?

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