Force on contacts

Hi all,

I have just got started with the Morph, and looking at detecting the force during something being drawn on the instrument. I have used the examples provided and modified them a bit to print out the force on contact. I understand the force is in grams ( I am needing it in Newtons, hence the multiply by 0.0098).

However when I put a known weight or force onto the tablet the force produced doesn’t match up. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hey Dan! The Morph was designed for user interaction with fingers, and is calibrated to calculate the force in grams of a finger specifically. The size, shape and material of an object on the surface will change the registered weight on the Morph.

As a result, the Morph should not be used as a scale. Even with a finger, there may be some variation as you move across the device, but it should not be noticeable for this kind of interaction.

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