Morph Force Accuracy

Hey guys! I’m trying to use the Sensel Morph to measure how much force my fingers are pressing with and am wondering what the accuracy and precision are across all locations on the surface of the morph. Ideally the readings would be extremely repeatable regardless of where you press on the surface.

Here’s what I know so far:

  • Based on the documentation, it says “Force Array: Value range=0-8192, Units=grams” which is great good to know.
  • Various sources also claim a range of between 2grams to 5kg, which is great good to know.
  • However I cannot find how consistent these force readings are across different locations on the screen. Especially since when I use the visualizer in the Sensel App and drag my finger with constant force across the sensing screen, the force values oscillate quite substantially even when I am applying constant force. See here for a video of what I mean.

So my question is, does anyone know whether the oscillation is expected behavior? In which case, does that mean that the force readings are only accurate on certain locations on the screen? Or is there another way to get consistent force readings regardless of location on the morph?

Thanks in advance! Any pointers would already be super helpful!

Hi @jaminport6 - Thanks for reaching out. Yes, this is an expected behavior. As you’ve noticed, even with a finger, there is some variation as you move your finger across the Morph. This should not be noticeable for finger interaction.

Unfortunately I don’t know of any way to get consistent force readings, as this isn’t quite the intended use of the Morph.

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Good to know Matt, thanks for the information!

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