How do you access lower-level data over bluetooth?

Bluetooth has standard interfaces for things like MIDI and keyboard input, but the most interesting applications will want to access the other lower-level data that the Morph can send (for example, the data that senselReadSensor returns). I’d like to understand how to access that lower-level data over bluetooth. Is that possible? Is that possible on Windows? Is that possible on iOS? Is there any sample code that demonstrates this?

Hi Tim, thank you for reaching out. We agree that getting access to the Sensel Morph bluetooth serial data is a priority. At the moment, we are optimizing BLE compatibility for MIDI, keyboard and mouse across each operating system for our next update. After the update, we will be improving our existing BLE UART service for public release. This will include creating demos for the various operating systems and adding support to the Sensel App. Due to the message limit of BLE, the BLE API will likely be limited to using contacts with specific parameters. I will make sure to follow up when this update is available.

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