Bluetooth question

Hello, first time I tried Morph in Bluetooth mode. Device was Bluetooth seen, also seen in MIDI/Audio Setup, but no data is output. Checked in several synths and MIDI Monitor app.
No Morph device appears in Sensel app, contrary to USB connection.
Any help appreciated.
MBP 2017, MacOS 10.14.6, Morph fw 0-19-216

Hi Philippe. Thanks for reaching out. The Morph actually cannot connect to the SenselApp via Bluetooth, just via USB. Are you having trouble connecting it to your DAW as well? If so, which DAW are you using?

Hi, what do you mean ? It’s broken at the moment ? Problem is not with the DAW. I tried with several standalone synths and MIDI Monitor as I said. everything work OK in USB with Live 11 or standalone synths, but NOT when using Bluetooth