Sensel Morph not producing sound via bluetooth, but does produce sound via USB

Hey all,

So I got my sensel morph working in Ableton via USB, but also want to get it working via bluetooth, but have some issues with bluetooth.

I got the sensel morph connected to my Windows 10 PC via bluetooth which is a good thing…

However, in the sensel app, visualizer is auto-disabled (grayed-out) via bluetooth, but only enabled once I switch to USB. Here’s what it looks like currently via bluetooth (

The reason visualizer is important is that I noticed that whenever the sensel morph does work, (like when I use USB), the visualizer is enabled. However, over bluetooth, the sensel morph isn’t working and visualizer is disabled.

I want to use bluetooth instead of USB to produce sound. Does anyone know how to make visualizer appear whilst being connected via bluetooth and have the morph actually be able to produce sound over bluetooth?