Sensel Morph not appearing in Ableton -- USB issue?

Hey all,

Need some help getting Sensel Morph working in Ableton, but first let me give some context to the issue at hand:

Got the morph from a friend, but he lost Sensel’s micro USB cable. So to get my morph plugged in, I just used a random micro USB cable in my house (Quick note: I have a Dell PC, am on Windows 10, and have Ableton Live 11). So first let me tell you what works before I tell you what went wrong.

What works: I plugged the cable in, the LED light in the top right of the morph flashed white, and when I check the battery, the USB cable is charging the morph. When I plugged in the morph, windows made a sound which I guess means it detected something was plugged in.

What went wrong:

  • After plugging in the morph, this appeared on my screen:

  • in device manager, one of the items listed under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”, says “Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)”. I’m pretty sure that message is referring to the Sensel Morph.

  • In the Sensel Morph app, I can’t open up visualizer, this is what the section of the app that contains “visualizer” looks like for me currently; notice how “visualizer” is a darker gray color than “add overlay” and “feedback”:
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet link for image

  • In Ableton Live 11’s preferences, Sensel Morph doesn’t show up in the options for inputs/outputs/MIDI Ports
    Sensel Morph not showing in preferences - Album on Imgur link for image

  • Lastly, in bluetooth mode, using the piano overlay, when I tap a piano key, a white led light flashes, however, this white led light does not flash when the Sensel Morph is plugged in via my random micro USB cable; not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be or if this is an issue.

Now that you know what works, and what doesn’t, allow me to tell you what I need help with. I want “visualizer” to be able to work, and I want the Sensel Morph to appear as an option for inputs/outputs/MIDI ports in Ableton. Basically, I just want my Sensel Morph to work with Ableton so I can create cool MPE music.

The only idea I have for fixing this issue is to use sensel’s micro usb cable instead of my random micro usb cable. However, since I don’t have the sensel’s micro usb cable, anyone know of any other micro USB cable I can purchase (preferably at least 3ft or 4ft) that would be the same USB type as the Sensel cable and would work as it should? If you know of any, please provide a link so I can purchase the cable that’ll work. Could the issue be something non-USB related also, or just USB related?

Thank you so much, sorry am new to this