No input via Bluetooth on Windows 10

I’ve got my Morph updated to firmware 0.11.6 and I’m running Windows 10 Creators Update.

When I connect via USB, everything works exactly as advertised. However, when I’m connected via Bluetooth, I don’t appear to be getting any input out of the device. If I put on the drums overlay I can see the Morph lights light up when I tap on drums, and MIDIBerry shows device information, but I don’t see any MIDI input in the MIDIBerry input log (I do if it’s via USB).

Similarly, if I remove the layover and use the Windows 10 touchpad functionality, I get no response from the Morph either.

The only reason I know it’s actually connected is because the Windows Bluetooth list tells me the device is “connected” and because MIDIBerry can list the device’s information.

Hello thank you for contacting us. I would recommend reseting the connection:

  1. Turn off Morph (hold down power button for 8 seconds).
  2. Remove Morph from list of paired Bluetooth devices on all computers.
  3. Turn on Morph with no USB plugged in. All the LEDs should flash.
  4. Wait until the top LED turns blue. Double click the top button. All the LEDs should flash.
  5. After the blue LED turns on, pair the Morph on the Windows computer.
    If you continue to experience issues, please let us know.

I do not get any midi out when connected via USB or Bluetooth.
In fact the only thing so far that seems to work is the apps visualizer.
I do get booth the Bluetooth Sensel Midi option and USB Sensel midi option in MIDIberry when connected as such.
MIDIberry says IsEnabled: True (all other settings look good), but I can’t get anything in the Midi Monitor. (true for both connection types.)
Whats the return policy?

Hello, thank you for contacting us. When you are running the visualizer, you cannot receive MIDI, mouse or keyboard events. I would recommend quitting the Sensel App when using these functions. The LED on the top-right should be off and the LED strip should light up as you hit the Overlay pads. You will also need the Drumpad, Piano or Music Production Overlay to produce MIDI events at this time. For our return policy, please contact

I do not have the Drumpad, Piano or Music Production Overlays.
What I do have is the Innovators Overlay (and qwerty + video editing).
I was under the impression that with the Innovators overlay I would be able to create my own interface, including midi.
To test the midi capabilities I loaded the Piano overlay to the morph and applied the Innovators overlay.
Is this not an option? Does the morph ‘know’ which overlay is applied? Is this due to the magnet placements?
If so, how would custom overlays work?

I emailed for access to the beta of the Overlay designer, I hope to hear more soon.
Currently this is pretty useless for me. Even the video edit overlay is pretty unusable since it has changed since the time I selected it. It was originally shown as a blank interface.
see attached image.

Yes, when not in serial mode (white status LED on), the Morph can detect which overlay is on the Morph and then changes the output based on the overlay. Currently, that MIDI is limited to the Drumpad, Piano and Music Production Overlays. In future firmware and software releases, we plan to enable multiple event types for each overlay.

We have you listed on the beta for the Overlay Designer and will make sure to follow up when a version is available. Currently, the best way to customize your own interface using the innovator’s overlay is to use the SenselAPI ( as it gives you access to the force and contact data needed to create your own interface. However, the API does require programming so we understand that the Overlay Designer is a high priority to some customers. Thank you for your patience.

I planned on starting into the API, since I wish to build a native interface for the software I work with.
Our sdk is in C++ and I see that a c++ sdk for the morph is now depreciated.
Is using the C interface of this new API the recommended method of using C++ to develop for the Sensel Morph?

Yes, the C API is recommended and the DLLs should work well with a C++ project. Let us know on GitHub if you experience any issues.

Hi Alex,

How do I go about getting on the beta for the Overlay Designer? I’m currently facing similar issue to DusX where I believed I would be able to develop mappings with the Innovator overlay.

Hi Matt,

I have added you to the list of Beta testers for the Overlay Designer. Thank you for your interest.

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