OSX operating as wireless keyboard


I’m trying to use Morph asa wireless input device on my MacBook Pro. (10.14.16). I could only use it when USB connected. When try to use in bluetooth mode - there is no reaction to my pressing. Devise is paired ok. But Sensel App dosen’t see Morph when bluetoth connected

I have tried to reinstall firmware and clean map and send map ones again. No lucky.

I believe the Sensel App will only work when corded. However MIDI/keyboard/trackpad type communications are possible with other apps over Bluetooth.

so, no way to use morph as wireless keyboard at osx?

The “Sensel App” will only work when corded. However using the device via Bluetooth as a keyboard should work once things are paired correctly, and you’re using the appropriate overlay.

Do you have a keyboard overlay?

yes, I have keyboard overlay. but it works only with usb connection. Not work with bt connection.

Did you pair it with a different device maybe? As I recall it did work with my Mac Pro, but if its paired with my iPad its not visible anymore, but works fine on the iPad (with the keyboard overlay - MPE Midi does not work correctly over bluetooth…)

@Smirnov have you followed all the steps for pairing/unpairing that are listed in our guide?

The Morph can only be paired with one device at a time. So as TJ noted, you might need to unpair from another device (if it’s indeed been attached to more than one).