Morph not reading in SenselApp

When I open the SenselApp, It says ‘to get started, plug in your Morph’. But when I plug the Morph in, this the app shows no sign that the Morph is plugged in. No keystrokes will register. Please help!

I am running Mac OS X High Sierra (10.13.2) and I have SenselApp v.0.13.16.

Hello, thank you for contacting us and sorry to hear about the issue.

  1. Make sure you are plugged into a USB port or powered USB hub. We have noticed some errors with some USB-C hubs and are looking into the issue further.

  2. Leave the Morph plugged in, hold down the button for 8 seconds, and then press the button again. All the lights on the Morph should flash. If they do not, let us know.

  3. When you say “no keystrokes will register”, I am guessing you have a Keyboard Overlay. If so, then the Morph should recognize the Overlay when you put it on the Morph. Put the Overlay on the Morph and see if the lights flash.

  4. If the Morph is recognized, you should see it on the top left in the menu bar listed as “Morph-XXXX”.

Please let us know if this fixes your issues or if there are any other symptoms you can give us to help solve the issue.

When I hold down the button, the Morph lights up after a half second and nothing happens after that.

Also, I have an early 2015 Mac Book Pro, and it has a normal USB port, not USB-C. I am using the ‘ANKER’ micro USB cable that came with the Morph without a USB hub.

It is good to hear that the Morph is starting up and there is no USB C hub.

  1. Could you try closing and opening the Sensel App again?
  2. If a Morph-XXXX appears in the top left, then the Morph is connected. By default, the Morph does not output any data until an Overlay is applied or it is configured as a touchpad/digitizer.
  3. If no Morph appears in the Sensel App after restarting the App, remove any Overlays on the device and try resetting again by holding down the button. Keep any Overlay off of the Morph.
  4. Feel free to try another micro USB cable if you have one.

If none of these fixes work, feel free to contact us at so we can get more information about your Sensel Morph and setup.

Thank You so much! I tried a different micro cable and it works great!