[Solved]: Morph not communicating with audiomidi setp, Logic

Haven’t used the Morph for a couple of months and now it will not connect with audio Midi setup via either Bluetooth or USB. It does communicate with the Sensel app and visualizer shows input on the pad. Any suggestions?

I just need a bit of clarity, as it is all a bit strange:
“communicate with the Sensel app” - so you see it listed in the top left as a device, and you are able to send maps to it? If you close the app and open Audio MIDI, In the Audio MIDI setup, you don’t see “Sensel Morph” as a device when connected via USB?

However, if you connect to your iPad, it works as a MIDI device? Is that via USB and the Camera Connection Kit, or is that via Bluetooth?

Hi Peter,
The problem “resolved itself” (Hate it when that happens.) What I was experiencing was that the Sensel showed up in the Sensel app and visualizer. It also showed up in the Audio Midi setup app, BUT didn’t seem to be transmitting MIDI, as neither the Audio Midi app or Logic saw any input from it. Also the LEDs on the Sensel were not lighting up when I struck the pad. This all was happening when connected via USB, Couldn’t get it to pair via Bluetooth. I did re-install firmware while trying to troubleshoot this btw. As I hadn’t used it for a month or so, the initial battery level was low - in the teens if I recall- maybe that was it? And what fixed the issue was getting a full charge? Anyway the headline is that it seems to be working properly now. Haven’t had the time to do other testing as I’m using it in a Musical and am buried in all the other details of that. Thanks for getting back to me.