Morph keeps disconnection from my Mac Audio/Midi

I can successfully pair my Sensel Morph to my MacBook Pro via Bluetooth. Then when I go to create a Bluetooth midi device in Audio/Midi Setup, it’s there, I click connect, it pairs for 1 second and then disappears. Running the latest OS on a new MacBook Pro. I’ve tried doing this several times since purchasing it and each time just give up with frustration. Would love to actually use this as a bluetooth midi device

@bergz Make sure it’s not paired with anything else, which it may be already as you say you have have successfully paired it.

Try turning off Bluetooth on the Mac, then back on again. This will empty the BT cache; then try pairing it only BT MIDI again.

On a similar note, I was having great trouble in the past couple of days getting the Morph to work wired with a High Sierra MacBook Pro. It was working OK before: maybe the USB cable broke – new cable worked.