Bluetooth MIDI on Mac M1

I’m not sure this device even has these capabilities, but I was wondering if there is a way to connect via Bluetooth to use with Logic as a MIDI controller on a Mac with an M1 chip.

Thank you in advance for any help or insight.

Sensel Morph can connect to an M1 Mac, but which M1 Mac? Running what macOS? What are you trying to control? Details matter.

I am using Logic 10.7.2 on a Mac M1 running on Monterey 12.0.1

I am attempting to use the Morph as a Bluetooth MIDI controller to trigger my plug ins within Logic

It should work, open Audio MIDI Studio and follow the Apple instructions )look 'em up). If your Mac is a Mini – you didn’t say – there have been some issues with Bluetooth reported, but M1 Macs have at least BT 4.2; some even have BT 5. The Morph should appear in MIDI Monitor, which you should have or if not, find it online.

Has anything been done regarding Bluetooth Midi bugs within the last two years (or was it 4 years)??
I could never get it working reliably and since then have to connect via cable. Stuck notes is nothing you want to experience ever. Of course it appears and can be set up. It might be usable if you only send Midi cc, using it as MPE instrument controller has never worked for me…

It shows up, I connect it and it does nothing. It’s a laptop, but that shouldn’t make a difference if the specs are the same, correct?

The Morph is a seriously flawed technology and it doesn’t seem to be getting any support for the bugs it has.

It doesn’t trigger any of my favorite plug ins even when plugged in (Native Instruments, Omnisphere) and when it does work, it doesn’t work properly.

It has pretty much been a shiny desk trinket for me since I got it. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that likes having something that actually works how it’s designed to work.

Same. This is a great tool in concept only. The actual usage in the real world is nothing short of disappointing.

The plugins you mention don’t play on its own MPE. Also the DAW you use might be a culprit. I get NI easily be played. I even made a MPE mod for MicroPrism which you can find at the Reaktor user library:
The morph has a lot of problems, but it does play those VSTs. Its complex, sometimes it needs some research to find out why its not playing… Get a good Midi Monitor to check what is sent, and be sure the receiver is set up to respond to it…
If your DAW is Bitwig, don’t use the Sensel script. IT reacted very strange at least. I use the script from the Joué instead, that has to be set to MPE and works fine for me…
I still love my Sensel, but you need to be patient and simply let go all hope for fixes from the creators until they find a decent programmer…

That is waaaaay too much work and complication for a midi controller in a world of plug and play.

It is simply not worth the time, frustration and effort involved to do the simplest task: play midi notes.

I am not even referencing MPE, which was the only reason I bought this. That’s a whole other set of problems to be addressed.

In short…it’s a complete waste of time and money.

Thanks for your reply though. I appreciate it.

I wanted to point out that it might not be the fault of the Sensel in this case… The receiving side also needs to be plug’n’play. This will only be possible when Midi 2.0 is widely used, because that is a two way communication protocol, both sides can exchange their properties.
Without knowing the basics of Midi, you can’t get it to work for all use cases. If the receiver expects to receive on channel 1, and the device sends all but one (which is the common MPE setting), don’t expect it to play something… (Its a wild guess of course, but I know that part works and is as complex as with any other controller…)

Every other controller that I plug in works how it’s designed. How could it not be the Morph?

I understand that this isn’t a standard midi controller and that I should expect some bugs, but if there is zero support from the company and 10s of hours of legwork to be done just to get it to play midi, I definitely have to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the culprit.

Its not quite clear which overlay does have the problem you describe. Of course each overlay creates different behaviour. And in innovators layouts you can produce as many problems as you wish…
To be more clear describe what you expect (what you assume its designed for) and the result you experience. An exact purpose what you want to do/control with it… (What software/instruments do you want to control…)
It might be obvious for you, but I don’t know the slightest bit of it…
I can only talk about the overlays I have. The innovators and the QWERTY keyboard. The QWERTY works as expected ( a bit woobly strokes, but that is its nature somehow…)
The Innovators has a lot of bugs, but mainly works as intended… There is unreliable Bluetooth functionality, that’s why I only use it with a cable…
I control iPad synths and synths within Bitwig and Mainstage…
What is your set???

Please see my earlier post. I explained it quite clearly with all of specs I have in which daw for which plug ins

In Sensel’s defence, I suggest that any BTLE bugs are Apple’s problem, not Sensel’s. I can’t throw any light on your specific issue, just to say that the Morph has always worked rock-solid for me in both Bitwig and Ableton on an Intel MacBook Pro and in many MIDI apps on an iPad Pro. There are several improvements I’d like to see in the Morph editing software, but functionality has never been a concern.

If the Morph is so seriously flawed as you believe, there should be many reports such as yours, but I’m not seeing them, so I have to conclude that it’s a User issue. Maybe try looking for help on any of the many Logic forums?

How do you figure that it’s a user issue when like I have stated many times in this thread…NO OTHER CONTROLLER HAS THESE ISSUES?

You guys aren’t really helping my situation at all. Just defending an obviously flawed product and pointing me in general directions that I have already exhausted on my own.

Thanks for trying to help, but you haven’t provided any insight whatsoever into why ONLY THIS DEVICE has been an issue for me. I should plug it in, turn on my DAW and be able to play MIDI…the way it is supposed to be DESIGNED to work.

Why would I have to download overlays and scripts from other companies, research for hours, come into threads such as these and get no answers from users or the creators and be told it’s my fault?

Thanks for nothing. I’ll probably be selling this hunk of crap pretty soon.

I’ll probably be selling this hunk of crap pretty soon.

Sounds good, how much do you want for it?


@Coastgod Sorry we couldn’t help, but your Morph seems to be an outlier. Maybe it’s defective in some way?